Business Administration

The Business Administration Department is one of the leading departments in the University since its inception in 1990. It is committed to its mission which includes preparing students and providing them with the latest specialized knowledge, skills and leadership abilities that qualify them for excellence and meeting the expectations of the local and regional labor market through development of analytical, critical and creative thinking. The achievements of the Department culminated in introducing the master's program in business administration (MBA) which allow interested students the chance to pursue their academic and professional progress towards serving the community and promoting scientific research


To produce highly qualified graduates equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills commensurate with the requirements of the marketplace



  • Vocational preparation of students in such a way that they become capable of employing up-to-date administrative perceptions when they deal with contemporary issues.
  • Developing students’ communicative and interpersonal skills.
  • Aiding members of staff in pursuing their academic career and keeping abreast of the Latest developments in their respective fields.
  • Empowering students with a solid base for critical thinking and strategic planning.
  • Keeping in touch with the marketplace and the expectations of potential employers via ensuring a continuously developing program of study.
  • Sponsoring and taking part in local projects.

Core Values

  • Innovation: encourage innovative thinking in order to come with unique ideas and ensure continual improvement.
  • Lifelong learning: provide a lifelong pursuit of learning and knowledge.
  • Integrity and ethics: provide actions that are guided by the principles of honesty, quality, and authenticity; research and educational techniques are built on academic honesty.
  • Diversity: guarantee the full respect of cultural diversity of all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Social responsibility: volunteer in local and public community and act responsibly towards the environmental resources.

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