Business School

Educational Objectives & Student Outcomes

Educational Objectives

  • PEO1.Review, and update if necessary, the core finance courses curriculum periodically.
  • PEO2.Guarantee students’ satisfaction in terms of the course materials covered in core finance course.
  • PEO3.Improve the students’ average score in final exams in courses related to corporate finance, investments, and financial markets/institutions.
  • PEO4.Assign oral presentations and essay projects as part of the course assessment.
  • PEO5.Provide opportunities in class for students to work in groups.

Student Outcomes

  • a.Define theoretical concepts related to economics and finance
  • b.Describe models related to investment
  • c.Analyze global financial systems and markets
  • d.Identify key issues in financial decision making process, and come up with sound solutions
  • e.Analyze cases quantitatively and qualitatively
  • f.Measure and evaluate various risk hazards in business transactions and trades
  • g.Convey ideas and concepts effectively while speaking and writing through oral presentations, written assignments, and field experience.
  • h.Demonstrate an understanding of business ethics to ensure best business practices
  • i.Encourage teamwork and organize group activities
  • j.Show ability to use a range of internet and database sources to support assigned projects and assignments
  • k.Demonstrate ability to use mathematics and statistics to solve financial problems

Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes