Business School

Educational Objectives & Student Outcomes

Educational Objectives

  • PEO1.Providing students with MIS and business management essential skills and knowledge.
  • PEO2.Qualifying students to employ business management concepts in designing, developing and implementing MIS.
  • PEO3.Developing students’ analytical skills.
  • PEO4.Developing the skills and abilities of the academic staff to keep pace with new developments and academic research.
  • PEO5.Adapting to labor market demands and keeping pace with new developments by constant updating and upgrading of academic programs.
  • PEO6.Adopting projects and starting partnerships with local community agencies.

Student Outcomes

  • a.Define legal, ethical, security, social and professional responsibilities and issues related to Information Systems.
  • b.Identify both local and global effects of computing on individuals, society and businesses.
  • c.Describe current and latest technology trends and identify their applications in today's business processes.
  • d.Discuss the key opportunities and challenges of information systems and information technology from the various aspects of telecommunications, hardware, software, databases, people and procedures.
  • e.Explain the project and information management concepts in both written and verbal perspectives.
  • f.Express the processes that facilitate the management and delivery of Information Systems within a specific application context.
  • g.Analyze the different roles of management information systems in achieving strategic goals and operational success of a business.
  • h.Apply mathematics and computing knowledge that are suitable to Information Systems.
  • i.Evaluate technical problems, issues and challenges along with proper computing/technological solutions.
  • j.Review and use effective knowledge of fundamental information technology and information systems techniques and skills required by organizations achieving strategic and competitive advantages in the domestic and international marketplace.
  • k.Design, implement, and assess a computer-based system, program, component or process to address the requirements a business and its users.

Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes