Business School

Educational Objectives & Student Outcomes

Educational Objectives

Graduating qualified students equipped with knowledge and practical experience in the field of business analytics

Providing students with business analytics essential skills and knowledge.

Developing students’ analytical skills.

Developing the skills and abilities of the academic staff to keep pace with new developments and academic research.

Adapting to labor market demands and keeping pace with new developments by constant updating and upgrading of academic programs.

Adopting projects and starting partnerships with local community agencies.

Student Outcomes

Defining the basic concepts of business analysis applications and identifying both current and future trends.

Identify the benefits, risks, costs and timescales associated with new strategic business/business analysis technology.

Determining the role of emerging information technologies in integrating electronic systems in the organization.

Discuss legal, security, privacy, ethical, political, and infrastructure issues of current business analysis technology.

Apply key processes to develop and implement business analysis technology applications.

Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes