Business School

Educational Objectives & Student Outcomes

Educational Objectives

  • PEO1.Graduating qualified students in the field of accounting.
  • PEO2.Developing the skills and abilities of the academic staff to keep pace with new developments and academic research.
  • PEO3.Adapting to labor market demands and keeping pace with new developments by constant updating and upgrading of academic programs.
  • PEO4.Adopting projects and starting partnerships with local community agencies.

Student Outcomes

  • a.Define accounting cycle, as well, identify the International Accounting Principles and the impact of global issues.
  • b.Outline financial accounting topics such as business combinations, governmental accounting, partnership accounting, and advanced financial accounting.
  • c.Explain auditing principles and techniques, as well the international auditing standards.
  • d.Describe ethical dilemmas that occur in accounting.
  • e.Analyze appropriate managerial and business issues critical to use accounting data and other information.
  • f.Evaluate financial results through examination of relevant data, and prepare Tax report and return.
  • g.Evaluate managerial decision-making, including planning, directing and controlling activities in a business environment.

Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes