Business School

Educational Objectives & Student Outcomes

Educational Objectives

  • PEO1.To provide students with up-to-date business management knowledge for different organizational levels.
  • PEO2.To estimate student’s ability to convert business concepts to real practices.
  • PEO3.To gain some analytical skills in order to analyze the business environment and hence develop business solutions.
  • PEO4.To investigate business problems and obstacles from local and international organizations.
  • PEO5.To utilize business research to benefit the organization in strategic planning.
  • PEO6.To develop business communication skills to facilitate effective business practices through the technological advances and produce unique responses to business issues.
  • PEO7.To realize the importance of social responsibility, business ethics and organizational values, hence to be connected with the organization goals.
  • PEO8.To develop the students’ ability to be creative, entrepreneurs and to make successful start-ups through effective organizational practices.
  • PEO9.To enhance the students’ international perspectives and to adapt to an ever changing and cross-culture environment.

Student Outcomes

  • a.Demonstrate a significant understanding of the fundamental concepts of business, management science, organizational behavior and theory, strategic management and other related business subjects (marketing. accounting, economics, finance…etc.)
  • b.Explain the use of business’ fundamental concepts and convert them into real management practices and decisions in an organization.
  • c.Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills to enhance personal and professional decision-making.
  • d.Compare business practices in the local and international business environment and enhance the ability to overcome challenges.
  • e.Assess the practicality and suitability of business concepts.
  • f.Formulate and develop an appropriate business plans and strategies.
  • g.Produce clearly, concise and well-organized messages, and to deliver clear, persuasive written or oral presentations by using specific software and technological advances.
  • h.Demonstrate a commitment toward different community service projects and issues.
  • i.Analyze business situations in keeping with professional standards and moral values and recommend appropriate courses of action.
  • j.Develop new entrepreneurial ideas and creative business models to the business world.
  • k.Demonstrate the ability to work with others by understanding and recognizing the importance of work force diversity and team dynamics.
  • l.Relate the international business practices and culture differences to the local context.

Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes