Business School

Lab 408

The lab contains the latest technological equipment’s with high specifications, and is updated periodically, in addition to the operating system (Windows 10) and multi-use software that meets the needs of college students to develop their computer and programming skills to be able to face the difficulties in the labor market.

The capacity of this lab is 27 devices that serve the students of the College of Business in its various departments, such as the Department of Management Information Systems, Business and E-Commerce, E-Marketing, Accounting, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. It also serves students of other colleges.

Software available in the lab:

Light manager (Network learning management tools)

Microsoft Office 2016(Documentation, Presentation, Accounting, Database)

Oracle (Database using SQL Language).

Python and Jupyter (Programming Language).

SPSS (Data Analysis).

Notepad++ (Web Design and Programming).

Courses taught in the lab:

Web Design and Programming

Computer applications in business

Computer application in accounting

Programming language for business

User Interface Design

Database Management Systems

Portfolio Management