Business School


To develop business managers and professionals through providing high quality education, applied research and community services.


Demonstrate a significant understanding of the fundamental concepts of business management science.

Develop business and entrepreneurial abilities among students.
Provide students with knowledge of qualitative and quantitative business problem-solving techniques and critical thinking strategies.
Prepare students with basic management skills to gain comprehensive understanding of business environment through real case studies and applications.
Equip students with effective business communication skills using up-to-date technologies.
Promote the ethical commitment of students towards different community service issues and projects. 

Core Values

Innovation:  encourage innovative thinking in order to come with unique ideas and ensure continual improvement.

Lifelong learning: provide a lifelong pursuit of learning and knowledge.

Integrity and ethics: provide actions that are guided by the principles of honesty, quality, and authenticity; research and educational techniques are built on academic honesty.

Diversity: guarantee the full respect of cultural diversity of all faculty, staff, and students.

Social responsibility: volunteer in local and public community and act responsibly towards the environmental resources.